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The Unofficial Disney College Program Roommate Finder

DCP Roommate Finder

Where friends become family. You deserve to come home after work to a family made of your friends who share common goals and respect you and what you want to get out of the program. The Disney College Program is a great experience and looks amazing on a resume. You have an opportunity to meet with leaders who are invested in building you up and helping you achieve your dreams. So you will need a great place to sleep to have those dreams. And that all depends on your roommates. Please utilize this free tool to hand pick the best roommates for you. Your future depends on it.

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You can filter people by Gender and Arrival Date. No more looking at a survey to find out the person doesn't even have the same arrival date.

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Your info is in one spot and easy to find. Facebook groups have so many posts that your survey gets lost in the mix.

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Even if you don't find a roommate using this site, you can find friends that will last a life time.

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I was able to find all six of my roommates using the roommate finder within a week. I highly recommend it!
Ace B.
DAK Pandora
I wish I had found this site sooner. It took me forever to sift thru all of the surveys on facebook just to find one roommate
marina dalmas
Merchandice MK Emporium
Thanks for making this site. I met more people that like the same things I did, than I have on other sites. We still hang out.
Marcos Rodriguez
Custodial Hollywood studios

All of this for FREE!!!

A great College Program starts by having a place you can call HOME
with friends you can call FAMILY.