Thank you for coming to the DCP Roommate Finder website. In 2014, I was one of so many people that were accepted into the Disney College Program. I joined every facebook group I could to find good roommates. Every time I would post my survey, it would get pushed down by other surveys or other posts. I would re-post or bump it to the top with minimal success. Finally, I came up this website. A place to “house” surveys, but not only that, a way to search those surveys for people that were arriving the same time I was. Once the word got out in the groups, I was able to find all my roommates and I even made more friends to hang out with on my days off.

Here is a very cheesy video explaining why this is a good website:

We are in the process of growing our numbers in order to help you better. Register Here! The more people that come here and fill out their profile the easier it will be to find roommates for the time you come to Disney. So be sure to fill out your profile and share the link to this site on social media. Congratulations again on getting accepted to this amazing experience.

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